All our products are made from virgin fibre-based raw materials; our Cardboard and Paper products are 100% suitable for food contact. Our cardboard and paper specifications are very strict to ensure maximum quality and stiffness for our products.

Cake boxes and liners

A wide range to cover all the confectioner’s needs.
Proven cake boxes that enable your creations to be transported safely.

Vigilance to obtain a quality of cardboard that is constant and beyond reproach for:

  • excellent box stiffness and product holding without distortion of the box
  • cold storage without humidity absorption by the cardboard


A range of white and gold holders, in a wide range of sizes to satisfy various requirements.

White holders
  • Squares with folding lines: ideal for presentation packets and snacking products
  • Scalloped round cake boards: ideal for tarts and deserts
  • Grease resistant round cake boards: to resist grease and humidity
Gold holders
  • Round cake boards: show off your cakes to advantage thanks to their finish
  • Square cake boards and sheets: optimise your square and rectangular creations
  • Mini holder: for individual cakes
  • Scalloped trays: ideal for petits fours and desert miniatures
  • Scalloped round cake boards with tangs: elegant for showing off your products
  • Corrugated cake cups

    Essential to improve cake handling and hygiene.

    • Grease resistant
    • Available in a wide range of sizes
    • Show off your cakes in your display cases
    Available in WHITE, CLASSIC and BROWN.
  • Alaska paper

    45gr/m² bleached Kraft paper outer packaging. Ideal for presentation packets.
    • Universal printed version
    • White version
    • In various formats of sheets or spools