All our products are made from virgin fibre-based raw materials; our Cardboard and Paper products are 100% suitable for food contact. Our cardboard and paper specifications are very strict to ensure maximum quality and stiffness for our products.

Cake boxes and liners

A wide range to cover all the confectioner’s needs.
Proven cake boxes that enable your creations to be transported safely.

Vigilance to obtain a quality of cardboard that is constant and beyond reproach for:

  • excellent box stiffness and product holding without distortion of the box
  • cold storage without humidity absorption by the cardboard
  • Macaroon packaging

    Here are some dedicated boxes for showing off your macaroons at their best and making them suitable to be presented as gifts.

    Kraft board box

    • capacity 12 or 16 macaroons
    • mat Kraft appearance

    Black case

    • capacity 8 macaroons
    • supplied complete with separators
  • Alaska paper

    45gr/m² bleached Kraft paper outer packaging. Ideal for presentation packets.
    • Universal printed version
    • White version
    • In various formats of sheets or spools 
  • Holders

    A range of white and gold holders, in a wide range of sizes to satisfy various requirements.

    White holders
    • Squares with folding lines: ideal for presentation packets and snacking products
    • Scalloped round cake boards: ideal for tarts and deserts
    • Grease resistant round cake boards: to resist grease and humidity
    Gold holders
    • Round cake boards: show off your cakes to advantage thanks to their finish
    • Square cake boards and sheets: optimise your square and rectangular creations
    • Mini holder: for individual cakes
    • Scalloped trays: ideal for petits fours and desert miniatures
    • Scalloped round cake boards with tangs: elegant for showing off your products
  • Corrugated cake cups

    Essential to improve cake handling and hygiene.

    • Grease resistant
    • Available in a wide range of sizes
    • Show off your cakes in your display cases
    Available in WHITE, CLASSIC and BROWN. 
  • Festis Events

    A whole range of packaging is available for the various festive moments of the year : Christmas, Epiphany, Easter, Ramadan …
    For Christmas, boxes with essential qualities for this strong period of activity

    • Rigidity
    • Resistance at humidity for a cold storage
    • Reserves of varnish for marking

    In complement a whole range of complementary products : golden holders…

    For kings and queens, our bags and crowns will delight the gourmands. All our bags and crowns are made from paper and cardboard in pure wood pulp, and capable of the food contact.
    Our boxes with window on 3 faces and golden holders allow a wide visibility for your chocolate products of Easter.
    Finally find a wide of range of pastry boxes to cover the various events of the year.