The origins of the THIOLAT company go back to 1874. Its savoir-faire in forming cardboard started with the making of hat and shoe boxes. In the 1960’s the company turned its attention to bakers / confectioners with the production of cake boxes.


  • Founding of the THIOLAT company in Blois. The company specialised in bookbinding and the manufacture of hat boxes and shoe boxes.

  • Re-orientation of the production towards folding cardboard boxes and especially boxes for confectionery. For its distribution the company relied on networks of wholesalers and distributors of raw materials and packaging for bakers / confectioners.

  • Thiolat moved to a new location and equipped itself with new industrial resources in tune with its growth.

  • THIOLAT opened its frontiers and adopted a policy of export.

  • A subsidiary was opened in Valencia, Spain

  • A subsidiary was created in Romania, in Sibiu, with a second production plant.

  • Innovation with a high visibility box concept to improve the perception of product quality.

  • Continuation of the export drive with the opening of a sales office in Dubai

  • Acquisition by Guillin



We take special care over the quality of our finished products both in the selection of the raw materials and the manufacturing process.


From manufacturer to packaging designer


Thanks to our design office, our marketing department and our in-house creation studio we can research and offer new, original and optimised packaging solutions for each of our customers.


  • Launched on the market by 115 million boxes
  • Development of multi-technological ranges : box cardboard(box), paper, bag
  • Holder of 10 patents
  • Control of the digital channel: of the design creation in the reproduction on the packaging


We build lasting relationships and a genuine partnership with our customers. 

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