All our products are made from virgin fibre-based raw materials; our Cardboard and Paper products are 100% suitable for food contact. Our cardboard and paper specifications are very strict to ensure maximum quality and stiffness for our products.

Caterer’s boxes

Quality packaging for protecting and transporting your products.

Functional qualities essential to your trade, with stiff cardboard for

  • Resistance to humidity absorption
  • Cold storage
  • Stackability

A range of boxes compatible with the dimensions of the standard trays available on the market.

The PRESTIGE model with decoration to suit the latest gastronomic tendencies; all with the same functional characteristics.

Pizza Box

For your range of Pizzas, we can offer 2 product ranges

  • White compact solid board box
  • Universal box made from micro flute cardboard: extra stiffness for improved stability for transport and stacking. 
  • Caterer’s tray

    Corresponds to the requirements of the catering trades for presentation and transport.

    • Stiffness and gloss
    • Grease resistant
    • Metal or gold effect, or black varnish
    • Compatible with our caterer’s box formats